EXCLUSIVE: Kurt Cobain's estate slams Royal Opera House Last Days show

EXCLUSIVE: Kurt Cobain’s estate slams Royal Opera House for their ‘unauthorised attempt to profit’ with Last Days show of the Nirvana singer’s suicide aged 27 in 1994

Kurt Cobain’s estate has slammed the Royal Opera House for their ‘unauthorised’ Last Days show, which retells the Nirvana singer’s suicide.

The Royal Opera House’s production of the 2005 Gus Van Sant film of the same name, which retells Cobain’s final hours alone before he took his own life, is launching at the central London house.

But the estate for the late lead singer of Nirvana have exclusively told MailOnline that the shows were not authorised and is ‘an attempt that seeks to profit’ on the harrowing end to his life.

Hitting out: Kurt Cobain’s estate has slammed the Royal Opera House for their ‘unauthorised’ Last Days show (pictured), which retells the Nirvana singer’s suicide

A representative for Kurt Cobain’s estate told MailOnline: ‘This show has been created and written without the permission or input of the Cobain estate.

‘Sadly, it is an unauthorised attempt that seeks to profit and benefit from a brief meeting that took place thirty years ago.’

Spokesperson for the Royal Opera House said: ‘The Royal Opera’s production of Last Days is adapted from Gus Van Sant’s cult film of the same name, released in 2005.

‘It is a fictionalised account, and was produced with the permissions of Gus Van Sant and HBO.’

The story is based on a man called Blake, which is based on Kurt Cobain, an introspective artist who feels isolated under the ‘weight’ of fame.

He struggles with a drug addiction and at the young age of 27, he killed himself in his Seattle home in April 1994.

Blake, an introspective artist, feels isolated and lonely under the weight of fame, drug addiction and professional obligations. He chooses to spend his final hours all by himself. 

Final hours: The Royal Opera House’s production of the 2005 Gus Van Sant film of the same name, which retells Cobain’s (pictured in 1993) final hours alone before he took his own life

The Royal Opera House’s website describes the operatic take on the story: ‘Blake, a musician, has recently escaped rehab to return home.

‘But he is haunted by objects, visitors and memories distracting him from his true purpose – self-destruction.

‘Adapted from Gus Van Sant’s 2005 film based on the final days of Kurt Cobain, this new opera plunges into the torment that created a modern myth.’

The composer-in-residence is by Oliver Leith, alongside directors Matt Copson, Anna Morrisey, and libretto by Matt Copson. So far it has had all five and four star reviews.

Kurt had one child with American singer Courtney Love, 58 – Frances Bean Cobain, 30, who is a model and visual artist/

Frances’s father struggled with substance abuse and mental health issues throughout his life. She was just shy of two years old at the time.

Broken family: Cobain, pictured with wife Courtney Love and daughter Francis Bean, was ruled a suicide by police

Her mother, Courtney, was married to Kurt from 1992 until his death. Frances inherited 37 percent of her late father’s estate in December 2009.

In 2019, she revealed that she feels ‘guilt’ over inheriting the money, which is reported to be more than $95,000 a month, because she ‘didn’t earn it,’ People reported.

‘It’s almost like this big, giant loan that I’ll never get rid of,’ she explained during an episode of the RuPaul: What’s The Tee? podcast. 

‘I have an almost foreign relationship to it or guilt because it feels like money from somebody that I’ve never met, let alone earned myself.’

Nirvana burst out of the underground and into the mainstream music scene in 1991 with the release of their seminal album Nevermind, which features their powerful lead single Smells Like Teen Spirit.

For the next three years, the Seattle-based rockers went on to become among the biggest bands in the world, selling over 75 million records worldwide.

Eventually, Nirvana was inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame in their first year of eligibility in 2014.

Mother and daughter: Frances (pictured with her mother in 2018) was just four months shy of her second birthday when her father died 

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