EXCLUSIVE! Alia Bhatt raps THIS song and makes Ranveer Singh uncomfortable – watch hilarious video

Zoya Akhtar’s Gully Boy is all set to rule the roost come February 14. The film brings together Alia Bhatt and Ranveer Singh for the first time and to say that fans have been waiting to see the film, will be putting it (very) modestly. Frankly, the buzz has been high since the trailer was revealed and only going upward with the various promos that the makers have been dropping. Not to mention, the sick beats for Ranveer to rap and make his way into our hearts. Be it Apna Time Aayega or #ApniAlbina, things have caught on with the peeps on social media and how!

But amidst all the rap that has come out, we have another favourite. One that Alia rapped exclusively for us, and with us! And while we had a blast, Ranveer, let’s just say, was uncomfortable throughout and even after! Wondering why? Well, you won’t after the end of this. In an exclusive chat, we asked the lead pair if they grew up listening to rap. To which Alia revealed, well actually Ranveer did, that she would listen to 50 Cent but just ” like to impress boys!” Not just that, we even rapped the song whilst finding/rediscovering the right lyrics and it was a laugh riot. Basically, because Ranveer couldn’t hide his disbelief about the ‘misogynistic’ song and the nonchalance with which we hummed to it! In fact, it gets hilarious after a point and you wouldn’t want to miss it! Watch the video here.

But Ranveer did come back to the question and said that he has always been a Hip Hop fan. He stated, “I have been listening to rap ever since I was a kid, like a really young age. My cousin who migrated to the US would come back with cassette tapes and that time there used to be no internet (but) the lyrics you could find in the inlay. So, we used to mug up the lyrics. At a young age, I didn’t understand what these guys are rapping about but I could recognise that there was real angst. Off late, ever since I have gotten into Hindustani Hip Hop, I don’t listen to anything else. I only listen to Divine, Naezy, Emiway, Kaam Bhari and Spitfire.” So, now you know!

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