Emmerdale’s Kelvin Fletcher addresses ‘testing’ moments in marriage to wife Liz

Emmerdale star Kelvin Fletcher and his wife Liz have opened up about the "testing" times in their marriage. The couple, who met when they were just eight years old, admitted that like any relationship, theirs has had its ups and downs but they've always been committed to their wedding vows.

The pair officially got together in 2009 and tied the knot six years later at a beautiful ceremony in London's One Mayfair. Speaking on Amelia Singer's new podcast Ameliarate Through Wine, Kelvin shared some advice for a long-lasting marriage: "Work hard, like anything in life. You've got to put the hard work in. You take your vows.

"You got to take those seriously for better or for worse. And in sickness and in health. And that is it. You know, there's times through life, the colour of life, the variety of life you'll get all of that," he added.

In the challenging times, Kelvin believes it's important to remember why you took your vows and see it through.

Despite a brief split in 2010, the couple are now stronger than ever and star in ITV's Fletcher's Family Farm. Liz also spoke about their strong connection, saying they work very well as a team.

She shared: "Just try and marry someone you like. That's a good start. I think you have to laugh together, work your dreams out together. Don't hold each other back. Just pursue what you need to do but do it as a team."

Kelvin also revealed his sweet gesture on their first date, saying he kept the business card from the restaurant. He said: "Fast forward 11 years to the night before our wedding day, I kept it with a view that one day, I would give it to Liz because I knew she was the one."

He confessed that he gave it as a wedding gift the night before their wedding, with a note written on the back: "I can't wait to marry you."

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