Emmerdale’s Hayley Tamaddon rushes baby son to hospital with ‘scary’ fever

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Emmerdale favourite Hayley Tamaddon made a dash to her local hospital yesterday as her one year old son Jasper developed a “scary” fever.

She shared her experience with fans of her poorly baby and rushing to hospital and describes Jasper as a “trooper” for the way he copes with being unwell.

The actress took to her Instagram to share a black and white picture of Jasper asleep on the sofa before he was rushed to the hospital.

She shared with her 49,000 followers the photo of the youngster asleep in just a vest and said about the experience: “It’s 2am.. we’re in the living room. he’s poorly. Again. Poor thing. In the past two months he’s had So many infections, ears, eyes, throat… and now he has tonsillitis.

"The worst thing is the fever…it’s scary…it goes so high and makes him so ill. But…he’s a trouper. Deals with it so well! Better than I would I reckon!”

Hayley, 44, continued, “Being a parent is really hard work…but when they get poorly, and you’re surviving on 3 hours a night, setting an alarm to give them their medicine on time, not sleeping even when they are, just so you can watch them and check they’re breathing ok, it’s even harder.

"This love is insane. He completes me in every single way. Even when he’s driving me potty and constantly opening the cupboard under the sink or emptying all my clothes from every single draw in the bedroom.

“How’s all my fellow mamas doing? You ok? Managing? I hope so…keep going…you’re doing amazing. don’t put too much pressure on yourself and remember to always do what works for you. Sending you all lots of love. #honestmotherhood"

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The Emmerdale actress' followers took to Instagram to send good wishes.

One said: “You are such a good Mum! Hang in there …. Hope he feels better soon.” Another said: “Poor little man hope he is better soon. Sending you both a virtual hug as know just how useless we can feel when the kids are ill and hope you can get some rest soon too.”

The mother-of-one took to her Instagram story and shared the hospital experience in a video where she thanked fans for their well wishes.

She speaks about Jasper having a cannula in his arm and having to go through blood tests. She sends her wishes to all the mums out there with poorly babies.

The one year old is suffering with tonsillitis and has been back and forwards to hospital in recent months with various ear, eye and throat infections.

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