EastEnders fans brand Keanu ‘stupid’ and a ‘loser’ for breaking up with Sharon

EastEnders fans have branded Keanu Taylor 'stupid' and a 'loser' for breaking up with Sharon Watts.

Viewers saw him end his engagement with Sharon on Tuesday, 25 July, after discovering that she helped Lisa Fowler flee the UK with Keanu's daughter Peggy, in the ultimate betrayal to her fiancé.

Keanu had tried to stop Lisa moving to Portugal with their daughter by confiscating their passports and keeping them in the home that he shares with Sharon, whilst he determined if there was a way that he could legally prevent them from leaving.

As he prepared to take the legal advice further, Sharon and her housemate Martin Fowler helped Lisa by putting the passports back. Sharon then went to meet Keanu, and as the couple walked through the square, Keanu spotted Lisa getting in a taxi with his young daughter.

He attempted to run after the taxi in complete distress before falling to the ground as it left the square – watched by Sharon, who turned to Martin to tell him that Keanu must never find out what they'd done.

But all became clear to Keanu in Monday night's episode as he heard a voicemail from Lisa to Sharon, thanking her for her help to allow her to leave, which Keanu played to her in the Queen Vic.

At the end of Tuesday's episode, Keanu came home and told Sharon that he understood why she did what she did, leading her to false hope that was all forgiven, before telling her he couldn't marry her, leaving her in tears.

But fans of the show were quick to take to Twitter to slam Keanu, as he was labelled 'stupid' and 'a loser'.

One person tweeted: "Keanu’s being stupid!! @BBCEastenders #BBCEastenders #EE #Eastenders," as another said: "So broke, stupid loser Keanu won't marry Sharon. She should count herself lucky #Eastenders."

There was more support for Sharon, as another show fan said: "Save the tears Sharon you’re too good for him anyway #EastEnders."

Another said: "Sharon has given him a business, a home and a lifestyle that means he can be a dad to his son; just because she thought peggy should stay with her mum it doesn’t make her some evil traitor!!! #eastenders."

Someone else lamented the potential end of the couple, as they tweeted: "i dont have any words for that scene other than i feel sick of the thought of not having sheanu together atm. < /3 #EastEnders."

These betrayal scenes have aired just months before the huge Christmas storyline that is set to feature both Sharon and Keanu. Sharon is one of the six women, who featured in a special flash forward episode earlier this year.

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