Dwyane Wade Was Bashed For Kissing His Newborn On The Lips, But Is It Safe? Pediatrician Speaks

Dwyane Wade loves his baby girl, and he isn’t afraid to show it! But was giving her a smooch a good idea? A pediatrician spoke to HL exclusively about whether fans were right to question his kiss.

Celebs’ parenting choices get criticized on social media all the time, so sometimes it’s hard to tell right from wrong. But while it may have been a bit ridiculous to mom-shame Jinger Duggar for giving her daughter a nickname, there may be some truth behind the haters going after Dwyane Wade, 36, for kissing his daughter Kaavia on the lips. Considering he and Gabrielle Union, 46, welcomed their baby girl on Nov. 7 and she isn’t even three weeks old yet, a smooch like that could spread germs, a pediatrician told Hollywoodlife.com EXCLUSIVELY. “In the first two months, an infection can spread easily,” said Dr. Jennifer Shu, Atlanta-based doctor and co-author of Heading Home With Your Newborn. “They’re more sensitive to infections and can get sick quickly. So wait until after that point for kisses on the lips.”

But that doesn’t mean new parents can’t show their kids affection at all! While Dr. Shu does recommend avoiding mouth-to-mouth contact, kissing the top of a baby’s head or forehead is just fine. Just avoid the cheeks! “The problem with cheeks is that a baby could touch their hands to their face and then get their hands in their mouth,” she explained. And if that doesn’t feel like enough, feel free to hug away! “It’s great for parents to spend time with babies and hug them as much as possible,” Dr. Shu said. “Always talk to your pediatrician if you have any concerns.”

While this may sound wild to some, infecting a newborn could lead to a hospital visit with blood work, a urine test and a spinal tap. With that in mind, why run the risk of subjecting your infant to that? By simply keeping your lips to yourself, your little one could have a smoother transition to the world. Because while it’s rare to spread meningitis through a herpes cold sore, it happens! And so do common colds, the flu, whooping coughs and stomach viruses.

So here’s to hoping Dwyane and Gabrielle had a little chat with their family doctor before giving Kaavia a kiss! It sounds like the new parents would be better off cuddling their baby girl and showering her with hugs for the time being.

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