Duchess Meghan wore Anine Bing & Brandon Maxwell in Dusseldorf

Prince Harry is well-respected and beloved by the military community and the veteran community. But I’m always slightly surprised to see how welcoming the Invictus community has been to Meghan!! Those veterans love Meghan, and Invictus people love Meghan. She brings a lot of star power to Invictus events. What’s great about that is Prince Harry isn’t intimidated by his wife’s star power. Because he has his own and because he’s not weak like his brother and father.

Anyway, the Duke and Duchess of Sussex arrived in Dusseldorf, Germany several hours ago, all to do a “one year away” event for the 2023 Invictus Games. Next September, the Games will be held at the Merkus Spiel arena. Considering how well the games went at the Hague this year, I have to think that so many cities are bidding to get the next games. After this event, Harry and Meghan will take a boat trip down the Rhine with some veterans.

According to the Mail, Meghan wore a knit halter top from Anine Bing (£245) and Brandon Maxwell trousers (£1,040). I like this look? Meghan likes her shoulders and she looks fit and happy. She looks like she’s been in the Montecito pool with her babies for a good chunk of the summer. Relaxed, happy, focused, booked, busy and unbothered. Meanwhile, the Mail is running dozens of banner headlines about the Sussexes’ appearances and their “body language” and this and that. Let it go, Salt Island. You coulda had a bad bitch.

Photos courtesy of Cover Images.

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