Duchess Camilla ‘didn’t have a career before’ marrying Charles, ‘she wasn’t interested’

As we discussed, there are easily six major royal books/biographies coming out over the next three months. All of them seem to have one purpose: to poison the well ahead of Prince Harry’s memoir. I’m sure there are other purposes too, but it’s almost like the entire royal-commentary establishment has admitted that they know Harry’s book sales are going to blow their book sales out of the water. Sure, they’ll be selective about how they report the sales too, but they’re scared. Scared and delusional. Which brings me to Angela Levin, who has written a new “biography” of the Duchess of Cornwall. Levin is batsh-t crazy and I can’t believe she’s still a fixture within royal-commentary circles. Well, Levin is already shilling for her Camilla book, and she admitted something sort of interesting: Camilla never had a job. She never wanted to work. She just wanted to party and sleep around.

Camilla Parker Bowles had an “astonishing” change of lifestyle after she married Prince Charles.

The 75-year-old Duchess of Cornwall has been married to The Prince of Wales since 2005, after they wed in a ceremony at Windsor Guildhall. And her biographer claims that since then, The Duchess of Cornwall has had an upheaval in her entire lifestyle to revolve around royal duties, that other members of the firm wouldn’t partake.

Angela Levin authored the upcoming biography, Camilla, Duchess of Cornwall: From Outcast to Future Queen Consort, where she exclusively reflected to The Daily Star how much Camilla has changed over the years for her lifestyle she was previously used to.

She explained: “I think she has at the age of 57, when she married Prince Charles, it’s absolutely astonishing that she could change her life so completely. She didn’t have a career before. She wasn’t interested. She just liked to read, go to parties, and have fun. And she wasn’t brought up to think in any other way. But she has changed enormously for the better. And the more she’s done in the world of charities, the more she wants to do.”

[From The Daily Star]

It’s true – Camilla never had a career, really. In her early 20s, she worked as a secretary but she got fired for being lazy and showing up to work late. She married Andrew Parker Bowles at the age of 26 and immediately retired to the country to be a housewife. After Andrew divorced her, she didn’t work and Charles financially supported her and bought her Ray Mill. Charles’s advisors always complained about Camilla’s laziness too. I mean… Levin is sort of right when she says “she wasn’t brought up to think in any other way.” Camilla wasn’t titled, but she was a well-connected aristocrat who wasn’t brought up to work. Wealthy women of her generation were expected to have a limited education and then get married to someone suitable and “well-bred.” Honestly, this is what the Duchess of Sussex faced when she entered that world too – they could not believe that they were faced with a Black woman who was well-educated, self-made and successful on her own terms. Meghan was literally and figuratively foreign to them.

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