Drake faces backlash on social media for kissing a minor

Rapper Drake is receiving a lot of backlash on social media over a video in which he can be seen kissing and inappropriately touching a 17-year-old girl during one of his previous concerts. According to a YouTube user, the video that is now viral, was filmed in 2010 and took place at a show in Denver, reports eonline.com. In the clip, the rapper, then 23 years old, is seen dancing with the girl, then kissing her shoulder and hugging her around her chest while standing behind her. After calling the girl onstage, Drake even asked her age, to which the girl replied that she is 17. Many people took to Twitter to voice criticism of Drake over the video, with some also mentioning his controversial friendship with 14-year-old “Stranger Things” star Millie Bobby Brown.

People are upset as the singer does not stop even after the girl tells him she is underage. He goes on to kiss her repeatedly. The crowd does not react as there is hollering all around. He is also heard making statements that sound apparently flirtatious. This video has come a day after singer R Kelly was accused of grave sexual misconduct by eight women. They said the singer would prey on underage girls. His ex-wife also testified on how he physically abused her. This Drake video is another incident to surface of late.

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