Divya Drishti 27 October 2019 Written Updates of full episode: Shekhar aka Murari decides to run away after stealing all the money from the Shergills | Bollywood Life

Today’s episode begins with Divya following a shadow towards the kitchen and finds out that the person is none other than Shekhar. She asks him what was he doing here. Shekhar tells her he has the habit to wake u early and do some gardening and hence he was trying to find where the garden is. Divya tells him that he will need gardening tools for it so asks him to accompany her and she will give him the tools. Patali on the other hand, gets a few outfits and starts trying it. Pisachini asks her what she was doing with the dresses. She tells Patali that she was worried about who is the new person in the house and Patali is not interested. Patali tells her that he is the son of this house who was lost years back and they have found him now. The boy was staying in a village and an old couple was taking care of him all these years. Pisachini is shocked and says it is not possible that the boy is Shekhar as she was the one who had taken him away. Patali says she doesn’t care and is just interested in him as she finds him cute.

Rakshit comes to Drishti’s room quietly and tries to touch Drishti but she hits him thinking he is someone stranger. The two have a cute fight and Drishti asks him about her birthday gift. Drishti is then shocked as she doesn’t find Divya in the room. Rakshit and Drishti go to find Divya. Divya gives the gardening tools to Shekhar while Rakshit sees them. Drishti searches for Divya and sees Patali dressed up. Patali meets Shekhar and flirts with him. Drishti is shocked that Patali is flirting with Shekhar and steps in to help Shekhar stay away from Patali. Drishti asks Shekhar why was he awake and he says that he wanted to do some gardening and leaves. Drishti comes back to the room and asks Rakshit whether he found Divya and Rakshit tells her yes she is sleeping and was with Shekhar. Rakshit tells Drishti that Shekhar and Divya were looking nice together. Drishti gets angry with him for trying to set up Shekhar and Divya. Shekhar comes there and Rakshit asks him what is he doing here. He once says he wanted to do gardening. Drishti says that she had already shown him the way to gardening and Shekhar says he had forgotten. The next morning, Shekhar aka Murari reached the room where Pisachini stays in the house and says that this is the place where he had come first and this place itself will help me in my work to steal the money. He also removes a weapon from his pocket and says this is the weapon that got me out of the hell and now will get me out of this house once I rob everything. Shekhar tries to find a weak spot in the walls of the room and finds one. He uses the gardening tools to make a hole in the wall. Patali is trying to find her Muru aka Shekhar. Shekhar makes a hole and removes his special weapon. He says that he will steal all the wealth of the Shergills and thrown it from this hole. The money will fall in the garden below the room and he will also jump off and run away from the house and be rich. He throws his special weapon in the hole and the weapon makes the hole even bigger. He suddenly hears Patali calling him and tries to hide the hole with a photo frame. Patali finds Shekhar and once again flirts with him. Simran calls Shekhar for breakfast. The Shergills talk about Shekhar on the breakfast table. They decide to take Shekhar to a Mumbai tour when Patali comes and says that they should take him to a movie and comes to eat the parathas. She picks up Rashi’s plate and Divya asks her to keep it down again. Patali does not listen and hence Divya and Drishti use their magical powers to teach her a lesson. Drishti says that Patali has given a good idea and we should take him to a movie. Divya says that no he is back from a village and is still in the memories of his village. Rakshit teases Divya and says it seems she has known Shekhar so well in a few days itself. Shekhar comes and the family asks him what he wants to do. He says he wants to act in a drama as he misses his village Ram-Leela. The Shergills decide to do a Laila -Majnu play in the house and Patali hears them. She decides to be paired opposite Shekhar and be his heroine.


Drishti sees her preparing for being Laila of Shekhar. Pisachini comes to Patali’s room who is busy doing her make-up. She gets angry at Pisachini for disturbing her. Patali tells her that she is going to play the role of Laila in a drama and Pisachini asks her to stop it and think why that man wants to do a play. Pisachini says that the villager is having a big plan. Pisachini tells her not to flirt with that boy and ties her hair up. She tells Patali to keep an eye on that Shekhar. Shekhar goes to that room to complete his work. Rakshit sees him and tells him to come to see the drama preparations. Shekhar says he wants to complete his gardening and Rakshit tells him to take Divya for help. Divya refuses and Shekhar says he will ask Patali to help. Drishti tells Rakshit to stop Shekhar from being with Patali. The Shergills prepare for the play. They ask Rakshit to play the role of Majnu and ask Drishti to play Laila. They both get lost in the play. The Shergills tease the two and laugh. Patali comes to help Shekhar in gardening.Divya comes there and asks Patali to leave the place. Pisachini comes and takes away Patali. Divya takes back her toolbox from him saying that you don’t need it anymore because the gardening thing is done. Murari gets worried with his magical tool remains in the box of Divya and says now he cannot dig a tunnel to get out of the house. Pisachini shouts at Patali for going near Shekhar. Patali also gets angry and asks her why did she disturb her. Piscahini reminds her of the motive of why she was born. Patali and Pisachini fight with each other. Pisachini tells Patali that the villager Shekhar does like her but he likes Divya and Patali gets angry. Rakshit comes to a room and suddenly the curtains are closed. He asks who is it and Drishti gives him a romantic surprise. The two share some romantic moments together. Shekhar enters in and spoils their moment. He tries to find Divya as he needs the weapons. Drishti sees Patali who tells her that she will be the Laila of Shekhar. Drishti asks her to give an audition. Shekhar meets Divya and asks her where his box was. Divya refuses to give the box and asks him to go and prepare for the drama. He tries to stop Divya but she leaves. Rakshit comes and tells Shekhar that girls have the habit to get angry and we must convince them. Patali goes to give the audition for Laila. Shekhar comes there and everyone asks him who will be his Laila when Rakshit says it will be Divya. Drishti says no it will be Patali. Ashlesha stops Shekhar from being the Majnu of Patali. Rakshit asks Divya to play the role of Laila and Drishti stops him. Rakshit and Divya have a fight over Rakshit trying to set Divya with Shekhar. Mahima announces that Shekhar will be Majnu and Divya will be Laila. The family starts preparing for their roles. Shekhar says he will make the Shergills busy with the play and rob everything. Patali prepares a plan to spoil the play. The Shergills began to decorate the house and Ojaswini asks Shekhar to help her set the lights. A few ladies come to the house and Shekhar invites the ladies to see the play so that he can complete his work.

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