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Pshachini finds Rakshit. Both Rakshit and Drishti get out of the patal lok. Drishti and Patali get into a war of words. Divya goes to Patali’s room into the patal lok. The clock strikes 12, Divya and Drishti wish each other. Divya enters the hell and falls. Drishti and Patali play a one on one cricket match. The army of dead men march towards Divya. She kills them with her powers. She finds Patali’s heart and kills the remaining men. While Patali and the family are fighting, Divya comes out with her heart. Pshachini and Patali scream. Meanwhile, Divya and Drishti try killing the heart.

The two hit the heart which leads to a blast. Pshachini and Patali disappear. The two sisters are shouting and looking out for the two. Patali’s heart is missing. Even Pshachini can’t find it. Pshachini and Patali go out on a hunt to find the latter’s heart. Meanwhile, everyone does their bandages. Drishti gets a vision, where she is stabbing a knife in Rakshit’s heart.

Soon Rakshit goes to Pshachini to find out that Patali’s condition is deteriorating. Pshachini tells everyone that Patali’s heart is in someone else’s body. She tells everyone that just like Patali even that person, who is carrying her heart, will die.

Rakshit dons a tea vendor to speak to Drishti. Pshachini comes out after finding something suspicious. When Rakshit touches Romi, his ice melts. Romi tells him that Rakshit’s body is heating up and he is in fever. Drishti touches him and hugs him. Sobbing, she tells Rakshit that Patali’s heart is in Rakshit’s body.

When Divya asks Drishti, about her above mentioned vision, she tells them about her stabbing Rakshit. They start crying. Rakshit takes Drishti out of the house. He asks her about the vision. She tells him about the vision. They have an argument about her stabbing. After a lot of convincing Drishti agrees to execute her vision. She gets a knife out of her pocket.

Drishti stabs Rakshit. But soon, they realize the knife was fake.

Pshachini finds out that Rakshit is carrying Patali’s heart.

Drishti makes an agreement with Pshachini to get Patali’s heart out of Rakshit’s body. In return, Pshachini will get to kill Drishti. She comes to Rakshit and sends him to Pshachini. Divya hits Rakshit and he goes unconscious. Pshachini takes Rakshit.

Divya and Drishti pray to the Lord.


Next week is going to be exciting for the show.
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