Dil Raju accused of stealing

Young Rebel Star Prabhas, Kajal Aggarwal and Taapse Paanu starrer Mr Perfect, was released in 2011. The movie is directed by Dasaradh Kondapalli and bankrolled by Dil Raju under the banner of Sri Venkateswara Creations. Six years after its release, writer Shyamala Rani has accused Dil Raju and Dasaradh of stealing the story from her Telugu novel ‘Naa Manasu Korindi Ninne’ that was published in 2010.

Earlier when Shyamala Rani alleged that Dil Raju and Dasaradh stole the story of Mr Perfect from her novel, Dasaradh said, “Shyamala Rani’s novel ‘Naa Manasu Korindi Ninne’ was released in August 2010. She has alleged that we have copied her novel and made Mr Perfect. But 18 months before the release of novel, the story of Mr Perfect was registered as ‘Navuthu’ with the Telugu Cine Writers’ Union (TCWU) on 19th February 2009.” He also said that story of Mr Perfect story was narrated to Young Rebel Star Prabhas on the sets of Billa in Malaysia 2 years before her novel was published.

After hearing these comments from Dasaradh, Shyamala Rani moved the Miyapur court accusing the filmmakers of plagiarising the story from her novel without her permission.

Now the City Civil Court revealed their decision and according to it, Dil Raju’ production venture Mr Perfect is a complete copy of Shyamala Rani’ novel ‘Naa Manasu Korindi Ninne’. The court asked the Hyderabad police to take the necessary action on the producer Dil Raju and his team.

Recently during the media interaction, Shyamala Rani spoke on this issue and said, that she had no plans of taking any legal actions initially but she wanted the team to be punished for stealing her work. Now she is feeling that she has got justice. She concluded it by saying that she wants the credit for the story along with compensation.

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