Debby Ryan & Hubby Josh Dun Reveal They Have a Bust of This Celeb in Their House in New Home Tour Video – Watch Now!

Debby Ryan and husband Josh Dun have quite the unique home and it’s far from Los Angeles!

The married couple showed off the inside of their home, which is located in Columbus, Ohio, where Josh is from, in a new video with Architectural Digest.

According to the publication, it was Debby‘s idea that they should move there during a holiday trip to see family.

Their house is “perched in a forested area,” and the interior takes advantage of the whimsical woodsy-landscape and their love of treehouses.

Check it out and learn more inside…

“To be among the trees was really inspiring,” Debby shared. “This treehouse theme informed a lot of the design sensibility. We wanted to soften the lines of the house with organic shapes, textures, and materials. We gravitated toward a lot of green—that’s how the tree house became a tree home.”

One of the most memorable things you could find in their house – a bust of none other than Dwayne Johnson.

Check out the video tour to see where it’s located and why they have a bust of The Rock.

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