Corrie’s Maureen Lipman can’t speak her mind due to cancel culture

Maureen Lipman says she'll be back on Corrie after 'little holiday'

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Maureen Lipman, 76, has played the outspoken Evelyn Plummer on Coronation Street since 2018, and has opened up in a new interview about her “acid-tongued” character. The actress has admitted that due to “today’s climate” she could not make the jokes her character Evelyn gets away with on the show, leaving her to “watch [herself] carefully”.

You can’t make jokes that I would normally make.

Maureen Lipman

Maureen is known for speaking her mind, but has admitted in a recent interview that she finds it harder to speak out due to today’s cancel culture.

Relating to her character Evelyn, Maureen admitted: “You can’t make jokes that I would normally make.

“I am watching myself carefully. I am not going to be on breakfast television like someone we know telling people they can f*** off.

“At the same time I am an intelligent person and I want a better world.

“I don’t know how I identify and I am watching carefully as to how this plays out because prejudice is prejudice, however you dress it up”, Maureen told The Mirror.

She also shared that she thinks it’s very “important” for characters like Evelyn to be shown on screen as in “life nobody ever speaks their minds”.

Maureen elaborated: “I think it’s great for people to see someone who actually has no membrane between her mouth and her brain and I think everybody would like to be like that but because of social mores you can’t, so she’s a good character.”

This comes as Maureen received backlash this summer after she backed JK Rowling who came under fire after the author objected to the phrase “people who menstruate” instead of “women” sparking a trans debate.

Maureen exclaimed in defence: “I am an actress, not an actor and, if somebody tries to take the word “woman” away from me, I shall be very cross.

“If you have to kick a** at someone like Joanne Rowling, who’s literally taught a generation to read, something’s not right.

“Yes, some of my views can be a little old fashioned. But don’t attack me for them.

“Consider my point of view. Demonstrate a little kindness. Be patient,” the 76-year-old told Reader’s Digest.

Maureen also opened up about Evelyn’s absence from the cobbles when she was spotted at the Inside Soap Awards.

She confirmed that she would be back on the show in the coming weeks after taking time off for a play she was taking part in.

Maureen told Digital Spy: “Well I’ve been doing a play – a one-woman show – for 12 weeks, so I should be back in about six weeks on the screen.

“I’m actually going back [to work] on October 31.”

At the Soap Awards, the Corrie star was awarded the prize for Best Comic Performance as voted for by fans.

Speaking of the win, she exclaimed: “They’ve voted so I’m happy with that! I just do my job. I’ve been doing it for a very, very long time.

“It’s nice to come full circle to where Jack [Rosenthal] – my late husband [and Corrie screenwriter] – started obviously. He wrote episode 13 I think and now I’m doing episode 10,870!”

Maureen’s late husband Jack Rosenthal used to write for Coronation Street for over 30 years until he died in 2004 at the age of 72.

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