Ciara and Russell Wilson Slammed by PETA for Mother’s Day Puppy

Ciara and Russell Wilson welcomed a new puppy to the family for Mother’s Day, but PETA’s taking them to task for buying the pup from a breeder, and not rescuing a pooch from a shelter instead.

PETA believes it’s clear — the couple’s new dog, Bronco, is a purebred puppy — and likely from a breeder where “mother dogs are often locked inside filthy cages and bred over and over until their bodies give out.”

The animal rescue org also uses some Ciara song references in calling out Russ, telling us the QB made a “One, Two Step mistake by killing a shelter dog’s chances of finding a home.”

They continue, “PETA is calling on the couple to Level Up on kindness by adopting a companion for this pup instead of fueling the homeless-animal crisis.”

As we’ve told you, Ci and Russ revealed they welcomed their new doggy to the fam over Mother’s Day weekend, naming her Bronco after Russ’ new team in Denver. Ciara called the puppy, “the sweetest surprise.”

To each their own!

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