Chrissy Teigen on Diet Culture: I’ve Thrown All of That

Saying that she has spent ‘way too many years counting calories, scheduling way too many workouts,’ the ‘Bring the Funny’ judge is now focusing on life and enjoying ‘things as they come.’

AceShowbiz -For Chrissy Teigen, being a happy individual is more important than counting on calories she consumed. Having endured the “ups and downs” of meal restriction for years, the wife of singer John Legend claimed she’s over with the “dieting and diet culture.”

“I’ve thrown all of that out of the window,” the 35-year-old beauty exclaimed in an interview for her latest cover story with PEOPLE. She went on to explain that loving what life offers is her main goal these days. “I think now at this point in my life it’s more important for me to enjoy things as they come,” she shared.

The “Bring the Funny” judge insisted that she didn’t mind putting on some weight. “I eat things when I want them. Because if I don’t my mind personally goes crazy,” she pointed out. “I kind of put my mind over body a little bit, mind and spirit over body. If it’s going to make me happy and make me feel good, then I indulge in it.”

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Chrissy further stated that she has spent too much time worrying about her diet and exercises. “I’ve lived a whole life. I’ve spent way too many years counting calories, scheduling way too many workouts and trying to figure out what my term for wellness was for myself,” she opened up. “I’ve been trying to figure that out for so so long.”

The mother of 4-year-old Luna and 2-year-old Miles continued saying that her times with her children gave her more satisfaction. “Now I know that it’s on the ground playing with my kids, getting out there, going to a park, going to an aquarium, being able to drive around with my kids in the car. That is activity for me and I enjoy doing things like that,” she stated.

Having given up on dieting, Chrissy stated that she preferred meditating nowadays. She shared, “I will say I indulge in some things I thought were maybe cuckoo before. I do appreciate a good sound bath and I’m learning to meditate.”

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