Chris Johnson Opens Up About Being Shot, Feared Career Was Over

Chris Johnson is opening up on the shooting that took his friend’s life — and severely injured the NFL star — explaining he feared his professional football career was over.

The 36-year-old former All-Pro sat down with journalist Omar Kelly and Brandon Marshall for an episode of the ex-Pro Bowlers’ “I Am Athlete” show … and detailed the March 2015 morning where CJ2K’s was shot in the shoulder, and his friend was murdered.

“We’re at the red light, just happened so quick. Just hear windows shattering, next thing you know I’m in the car, one of my other friends in the back seat, my other friend driving,” Chris says.

“So I’m sitting there and the next thing you know, I look to the left, I see one of my friends, he’s leaning on the horn. He gone. I shake him like wake up, wake up. Outta there. I call my homeboy in the back seat, he’s talking to me whatever. So whatever, we go to the hospital.”

Chris’ friend Rollie died in the shooting.

Johnson, who played 10 seasons in the NFL, and was one of the best running backs of his era, was badly injured as a result of the shooting … and feared it’d end his football career.

“When I got shot, it went collarbone, shoulder bone, rib, all that. So at this time, now I’m on bed rest. So probably like three weeks after I get shot, my nerves start messing with me. Now my hand goes out like, so painful. I can’t use it. If I touch something, it’s burning sensational.”

“So now I can’t use my hand, my right hand is my dominant hand. I can’t use my hand so I’m like damn, my career over with.”

Chris tells Brandon he was only in Florida to attend a concert put on by a friend who was about to head to prison for several years … so CJ wanted to hang and say goodbye to his buddy.

However, the night took a turn for the worst … and Chris nearly paid with his life.

Thankfully, in the full episode, Johnson explains how he was finally able to find a doctor who helped get him healthy, and resume his playing career.

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