Charli D’Amelio’s Lacy White Bra and Vest Combo Is So Hot

Our gal is truly growing (and glowing) up! Since turning 18 and rocking an *amazing* b-day mini dress, Charli D’Amelio’s style has seemingly evolved from a laid-back, girl-next-door vibe that included customized Converse, mom jeans, and baby tee’s, to a more sophisticated yet risk-taking look.

Her latest ‘fit is a whole moment. Taking to TikTok on June 22 to post a couple of fun dancing vids with friends — as a super famous social media sensation does, obvs — Charli showed us what the dress category “business casual” truly means as she bopped to Baby Keem’s eponymous song.

The D’amelio Show starlet was caught sporting a menswear-inspired two-piece set that features a teeny vest and loose trousers with stripe detail at the waistline. Giving us a glimpse at just how baggy the pants are since we can’t see the outfit from head to toe, Charli pulls at the bottom’s pleats towards the end of the second video, showcasing all the wide-leg goodness.

As for what lies under the unbuttoned vest, D’Amelio chose to add a contrasting and delicate touch to the structured, androgynous look. A sheer white bra overlayed with lace brings a feminine touch to the outfit. And while this isn’t the first time Charli has rocked underwear as outerwear, this ‘fit feels extra special. Coordinating with the white stripe of the pants perfectly, the underwire-lined lingerie fits right in with the rest of her chic ensemble, making it one of our favorite D’Amelio looks to date!

There is some controversy though with this look — is the suiting grey or tan?! You be the judge:

@zoifishh @Arrington @Luis

This new style vibes perfectly with the launch of Charli’s first fragrance ever, Born Dreamer, which is set to hit the shelves of Ulta Beauty on June 26. Continuing with a more mature look in a TikTok she posted the next day, D’Amelio is seen promoting her perfume at an exclusive event in Cali, wearing a silky white skirt and blouse set. We love that she’s so into separates recently!

@born dreamer by cd

Looking to push the dress code boundaries at work? Want an alternative to the typical going-out mini dress? Then this menswear-esque look is for you! Here’s where you can cop the ‘fit for yourself:

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