Catherine Zeta-Jones Takes Pics Of Daughter Carys, 15, In Paris

Catherine Zeta-Jones is one proud mama! The actress couldn’t help but stop to take pics of her teenage daughter, Carys, during their Parisian vacation, just like any parent. The pic of Catherine snapping her pic is too cute.

This is so wholesome! Catherine Zeta-Jones was being such a mom while she vacationed in Paris with her look-alike daughter, Carys Douglas, stopping to take pics of the 15-year-old so many times. One meta snap taken by paparazzi shows the Queen America star getting Carys to pose for the camera while sightseeing near the Louvre on March 12. And while we can’t see her face, you know that Carys was totally doing the “ugh moooom stop, you’re embarrassing me!” expression.

Can we talk about how Catherine’s using a professional-grade camera for her mini photoshoot, and not an iPhone? She’s also getting Carys’ friend to fix her hair before taking the shot. Now that’s dedication! We get why she was determined to capture this moment; Carys looked adorable. It’s not every teenager who’s stylish enough to pull off wearing an oversized trench coat with jeans and sneakers. Kind of envious, not going to lie. Catherine, of course, looked perfect in a military-inspired coat and wide-brimmed hat. Very Carmen Sandiego.

It was not that long ago that Catherine didn’t post pics of her daughter and son, 18-year-old Dylan Douglas, on social media. But since the beginning of 2019, she’s been all about it! Carys is an aspiring model, so Catherine’s being supportive and showing off her daughter’s lovely work. “Mamarrazi is what my kids call me with my camera,” she captioned a pic of one of Carys’ shoots on Instagram.

The degree to which the mother-daughter duo looks alike has never been more apparent than on the cover of the September 2018 issue of Town & Country. So crazy!

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