Britney Spears’ ex-husband issues statement as he confirms her sons won’t be at wedding

Britney Spears goes topless during day out at the beach in March

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Britney Spears, 40, and her personal trainer boyfriend Sam Asghari, 28, are due to tie the knot today in an intimate ceremony consisting of 50 guests – but that won’t include her sons. The star, who recently suffered a devastating miscarriage, but is courageously continuing with her wedding plans in spite of her grief, will get wed without most of her immediate family.

According to a report by Page Six, the two boys that Britney shares with ex-husband Kevin Federline, 16-year-old Sean Preston and 15-year-old Jayden James, will stay away.

Kevin’s attorney, Mark Vincent Kaplan, confirmed that “[the boys] think the focus of this day should be on Britney and Sam”.

However he added: “They are very happy for her moving forward.”

Kevin had already spoken out back in April to congratulate Britney on her pregnancy, before news broke that she had lost the baby, and he seems keen for his support of her to be known.

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His lawyer continued: “He wants her to be happy and believes this will be a positive step for her in a post-conservatorship era, building a healthy, happy future going forward.”

He emphasised that Britney’s boys had not been excluded from the celebrations, insisting: “You can assume that the boys were welcomed to attend if they expressed that desire.”

He had previously explained that “a lot of weight” was given to the two children’s personal wishes and desires when making decisions.

Unsurprisingly, her parents and sister are expected to be absent on the big day too.

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Last year, a furious Britney expressed a wish for her father to be “jailed” for his actions during her 12-year conservatorship, during which she claims he placed too many restrictions on her life.

She has also written angrily about her sister Jamie Lynn, who released a tell-all book this year suggesting that Britney had frightened her.

Britney denied her sister’s claims, accusing her via social media of “trying to sell a book at my expense” and labelling her “scum”.

It is expected by many that her socialite friend Paris Hilton, who has shown support for her over the conservatorship, will be attending.

Meanwhile, Britney penned a nostalgic message to Justin Bieber this week, reminiscing over moments with him when he was the same age that her youngest son is now.

Posting an Instagram video of herself dancing around the room, she wrote: “@justinbieber I remember when you visited me in my dressing room on tour and your beautiful little mamma walked in and said ‘do you know where a tanning bed is?’

“You were 15 and you were adorable!” she exclaimed. Thank you for your music.”

In a hint that she sees him as similar to her own children, she affectionately added: “You’re a little devil now I know because I have boys.”

She signed off by describing the Canadian pop singer as “a timeless genius” and assuring him: “I will always dance to your music!”

Meanwhile Jamie Lynn has not addressed her sister’s wedding publicly, but she did post a cryptic message on her own Instagram account making references to “moral support”.

“Life Hack: Get yourself a MIL who will travel across the world with you for a work trip just to be your moral support. It takes a village, and I’m thankful for mine,” she wrote.

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