Brian May, Graham Gouldman Share ‘Floating In Heaven’ To Mark Reveal Of JWST Images

Brian May and Graham Gouldman recently shared “Floating In Heaven,” a new music track to mark the release of the historic first images delivered from the James Webb Space Telescope.

On Tuesday, NASA released the first official JWST science images of the galaxy captured by the James Webb Space Telescope, the most powerful telescope ever launched into space.

May, who has a well-renowned passion for astronomy, launched his track “New Horizons” from NASA headquarters on New Year’s Day 2019 to mark the flyby of the distant object Ultima Thule.

May now teamed up with fellow space science enthusiast and 10cc frontman Graham Gouldman to recognize this discovery moment with new music.

Both May and Gouldman are performing on “Floating In Heaven”, which was written by the latter. May appears on guitar and vocals.

Talking of his fascination with space exploration, May says, “There is nothing more exciting in a world of exploration than going to a place about which you know nothing. The sky’s the limit for what we could find out.”

May’s most widely recognized space-related song dates back to his earliest days with Queen: “39.”

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