Brian Laundrie Look-Alike Bum-Rushed by Feds on Appalachian Trail

A guy thought by some to be a dead ringer for Brian Laundrie got the fright of his life when agents came storming through his hotel room.

The so-called doppelganger’s name is Severin Beckwith … he was hiking the Appalachian Trail with a pal and staying at a hotel called the Fontana Village Resort & Marina in North Carolina recently — and U.S. Marshals gave him a rude awakening.

Beckwith tells the New Yorker he heard a knock at their hotel room door … and before he knew it, a gang of federal agents with riot gear and shields were busting in, guns raised and pointed at his face — proceeding to pin him down and check for signs he was Laundrie.

Apparently, one of the agents who was checking him out said he had a notch in the upper part of his inner ear — just like Laundrie — but luckily, Beckwith was eventually cleared.

After providing an ID and showing he didn’t have Brian’s tattoos, Beckwith was cut loose … while also being warned he should shave his beard for the foreseeable future. Beckwith’s rocking a shaved look (like Laundrie, who’s bald). Witnesses in that area claimed to have seen Laundrie lately.

As for who ratted out Beckwith … he says he suspects it was one of the hotel employees, who apparently fired off a photo too, which the agents showed him during the ordeal.

The hotel ended up comping them a free night, and a complimentary breakfast for all the trouble. Not exactly a great consolation — but considering the circumstances, we’re guessing Beckwith took it with a smile.

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