‘Blake Lively and The Rock will play us in a movie of our lives’, says Tyson Fury

Heavyweight superstars in their own right, Tyson and Paris Fury are hot property right now.

Ratings are sky high for the couple and their children thanks to their hit Netflix show At Home with the Furys but it seems that even high-ranking celebrities can have aspirations, too.

When OK! chatted with the wholesome couple, who have been married since 2008, conversations soon turned to scenes from episode four of the series.

In scenes with with wife Paris, 33, the heavyweight champion Tyson chatted about the makings of a life movie and most importantly, who would play him.

He said on camera: "Without a doubt, The Rock," but in our chat he revealed a lot more.

Tyson, 35, admitted to us that there are a few other options on the table in his dream scenario.

Laughing, he said: "I'd go for The Rock, but otherwise I'd choose Denzel Washington or Vince Vaughn -they could play me well I think."

The funnyman then continued to plan celebrity roles for both Paris, and his dad John Fury.

"Blake Lively could play Paris and maybe Ray Winstone for my dad."

The big screen could come calling if Tyson persues it after Hollywood legend Sylvester Stallone, 76, admitted on The Jonathan Ross Show in November last year that he would be fantastic alongside him and Jason Statham, 55, in the Expendables action franchise.

He said: "He's a natural force of nature and he has charisma so why wouldn't we want him?

"As long as he's beating up the other guys'" he joked.

The Rocky boxing actor is a massive fan and supporter of Tyson, calling him "the greatest heavyweight that ever lived."

The success of The Furys show has been phenomenal, with fans around the world enjoying a peek inside the lives of the entire family but it's Paris who has won over a whole new legion of fans with her understanding nature towards Tyson's mental health struggles.

Even celebrities have taken note, with Kerry Katona – who also suffers from bipolar like Tyson – telling fans on her Instagram that Paris is 'the queen of the world.'

She went on to add: "Being a bipolar sufferer myself, this is helping not just me but my kids n understanding. @tysonfury this is gonna help sooooo many people! We forget the effects having bipolar has on our families. Omg I can relate so much with the highs and lows."

The reality show highlights Tyson's mental health issues and how Paris adapts family life to help her husband on his journey.

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