Billionaire Buys $44 Million L.A. Mansion W/ Insane Custom Kobe Bryant Court

Ever wonder what it’d be like to have a golf simulator AND an insane Kobe Bryant themed-court at home?!?

For billionaire hedge fund exec Jeffrey Feinberg, that just became a reality … ’cause the dude just bought a $44 million mansion in Los Angeles — THAT COMES WITH BOTH!!!

Feinberg just purchased the property recently, the house’s developer, Ramtin Ray Nosrati, told The Wall Street Journal — and it’s one of the most ridiculous places you’ll see.

There’s 7 bedrooms, 11 bathrooms, it’s 54,885 square feet AND it sits on over 1.2 acres of land.

But, the best part of it? It’s got a custom Kobe court that would make NBA arenas jealous.

Check out pics of the place … it’s got Kobe’s signature, his jersey numbers and his famous Mamba logo emblazoned on it.

There’s also pictures of NBA legends like Michael Jordan and LeBron James surrounding it — and Feinberg, a huge basketball fan, actually told the WSJ it was a key reason he bought the place.

As for the rest of the crib … it’s got it all — a room devoted to a golf simulator, an indoor pool and spa, a bar and so much more.

Still great to be rich, ain’t it?

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