Bill Clinton Sex Scandal Whisteblower Has Died of Cancer at 70

Before Linda Tripp passed away on April 8, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky reached out to her family via social media to share her hope for her recovery.

AceShowbiz -Linda Tripp, the woman whose testimony led to the impeachment of U.S. leader Bill Clinton, has lost her battle with cancer.

Recordings of the former civil servant’s secret conversations with Monica Lewinsky exposed the then-President’s sexual relationship with the former White House intern in 1998.

She died on Wednesday (April 08), aged 70.

Her daughter, Allison, alerted family and friends to her mother’s dire condition in a Facebook post on Tuesday night, writing, “My mommy is leaving this earth… Please pray for a painless process for the strongest woman I will ever know in my entire lifetime.”

Allison told TMZ that her mother’s illness was not related to the coronavirus.

Lewinsky was one of the people who reached out to the family on social media, tweeting, “no matter the past, upon hearing that linda tripp is very seriously ill, i hope for her recovery. i can’t imagine how difficult this is for her family.”

During her conversations with Tripp, Lewinsky revealed she had enjoyed a physical relationship with Clinton when she was interning at the White House. The secret recordings the whistleblower made were handed over to impeachment counsellor Kenneth Starr in exchange for immunity from illegal wiretapping charges.

Tripp also informed Starr of the semen-stained dress Lewinsky said she wore during a sex act with Clinton.

She was also involved in Paula Jones’ sexual harassment case against Clinton.

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