Bigg Boss 3 Telugu: Sreemukhi is psycho and worst candidate

After the entry of wild card contestant Shilpa Chakravarthy, Bigg Boss Telugu season 3 witnessed a new task that created huge ruckus inside the house. In the new task the housemates were divided into two teams. Siva Jyothi, Ravi, Rahul, Varun Sandesh, and Punarnavi were in the one team of gang of bandits whereas Ali, Sreemukhi, Vithika, Baba Bhaskar and Mahesh were in one team as the citizens. For the game, the housemates had to fight a bunch of bandits to save their belongings of the house.

While playing the game, major fight broke between Ravikrishna & Vithika and Punarnavi &Sreemukhi. Sreemukhi objected Rahul from getting too serious and aggressive in the game. Now the TV viewers are saying that Sreemukhi is the worst contestant and eliminate her first. Few comments are as follows:

Xavier: #Sreemukhi Most Cunning Lady ever in #bigbosstelugu #bigbosstelugu3 as usual

@iamnagarjuna will support her #Sreemukhi her followers are just illiterates!!! and Sheeps!!! She is converting sheeps into votes… #Sreemukhi Most Cunning Lady ever in #bigbosstelugu #bigbosstelugu3 as usual @iamnagarjuna will support her

NTR: Worst character by sreemukhi bcoz she just say that Ravi played agressive when compared to Ali … It is really a bad way of portray Rahul and Ravi she didn’t open the mask till now Get out please don’t vote for sreemukhi #Bigboss3telugu #bigboss #Bigboss3telugu #BigBossTelugu

Phani Mohan @PhaniMohan6: #bigbosstelugu what a character srimukhi is, she touches every one ,if Rahul touches him in game, she create a seen and make Rahul unpopular. Eliminate her first

Satya: I request these 24.65% people to stop voting for #SreeMukhi. She is worst candidate ever. #BiggBossTelugu3

Vamc Krishna: Hence proved that #sreemukhi is undoubtedly an arrogant,psycho and worst contestant in #BiggBossTelugu3 house

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