Bigg Boss 14 PROMO: Nikki Tamboli steam irons her ex-boyfriend’s boxers; Hina Khan, Pavitra Punia, Jaan Sanu find it hilarious — watch video

Bigg Boss 14 has been going on well and fans are happy to see their favourite reality show again on-screen. This season is quite different as the contestants of this season have come with a TBC (To Be Confirmed) tag. Yes, these people will have to remove this tag from themselves and be confirmed. The Toofani seniors, Sidharth Shukla, Hina Khan, and Gauahar Khan are also present in the house for two weeks and are leading the house. They will be deciding which contestants will be confirmed after two weeks. This season we also have a mall, a spa and a theatre in the house. It surely is a completely different concept and fans are excited about it. However, we saw so many fights, arguments in the first week. We also saw the slow approach of the contestants towards the show. But during the weekend ka vaar, Salman Khan gave them a good lesson and we will hopefully see the new way of the contestants.

Amidst all these tensions, Nikki Tamboli has her own ways to lighten up the mood. A new promo released where we saw Nikki Tamboli entering the bedroom with boxers in her hand. Pavitra Punia, Jaan Sanu, Hina Khan, and Nishant Singh Malkani are in the bedroom resting. Pavitra asks Nikki whose boxers were these. Nikki tells her that they are her ex-boyfriend’s boxers and says that she will steam iron those and wear. Hina Khan says that Nikki is a mad girl. Jaan Sanu says that on national television a girl is steam ironing her ex-boyfriend’s boxers and Nikki Tamboli says that what’s wrong in it. Jaan Sanu jokes and says that I am very happy and this is a proud moment. Boxers will also get respect from now on and their standards are up now. Pavitra Punia laughs and says that theses boxers will be auctioned.

Jaan Sanu says that he thinks that even her ex-boyfriend must not have given so much respect to those boxers. He also asks Nikki why did she leave him if she loved him so much. Nikki says that she was bored and everyone bursts out laughing.

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