Bigg Boss 14: Do you think Kavita Kaushik brought a twist in the game by saving Eijaz Khan and not Abhinav Shukla? — vote now

Uff, what game! I must say even I am a little shocked. So, for those who have been following Bigg Boss 14, we all know for a fact that Kavita Kaushik hated Eijaz Khan (or even she still does hate Eijaz). She had been fighting with him over and over again in the past and even discussed her personal relations with him inside the house in the game. Eijaz was a little taken aback by all the outburst of Kavita. However, last night’s episode of Bigg Boss saw a twist in the tale. Yes, it was the nomination special episode and the contestants were required to nominate one housemate. For the same, they were given one parrot each with contestants’ names predecided by Bigg Boss.

Aly Goni had Rubina Dilaik’s parrot, Abhinav Shukla had Rahul Vaidya’s parrot, Pavitra Punia had Jasmin Bhasin’s parrot, Rubina has Pavitra’s parrot, Eijaz Khan had Abhinav’s parrot, Rahul has Eijaz’s parrot, Jasmin has Nikki Tamboli’s parrot while Nikki has Aly’s parrot. So, the contestants were in a fix. While some played to safeguard themselves others played for rules or for saving their friend inside the house. In the task we saw, Pavita Punia nominating Jasmin Bhasin, Rahul went on to nominate Eijaz which infuriated him. After that, there had been one place left for the task to come to an end. Since Jasmin, Aly and Nikki had strategised it already that they won’t be participating since they want to save themselves, Kavita had no choice to urge everyone including Eijaz to participate in the task. Since neither Aly-Jasmin and Nikki were backing out, Kavita struck a deal with Eijaz saying that she would save him if he performed the task.

Abhinav went next and nominated Rahul while Rubina nominated Pavitra. Aly nominated Rubina while Eijaz since he struck a deal with Kavita, nominated Abhinav. The contestants were in a dilemma whether or not Bigg Boss will give powers to Kavita to save Eijaz. However, Bigg Boss did and she did save Eijaz instead of Abhinav. Later on, in the episode, we saw Abhinav revealing that he has been friends with Kavita for about 8 to 9 years and had met her about 15 to 20 times. He also revealed that she met only twice or thrice with Eijaz. Rubina questioned Kavita’s friendship and her decision to save Eijaz. Towards the end, Jasmin and Aly discuss Kavita’s move as well.

It seems like Kavita has thrown a googly on the contestants as well. Do you think she brought a twist in the game by saving Eijaz instead of Abhinav? Vote below:

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