Bepannaah 10 October 2018 written update of full episode: Zoya gets threatening messages

Zoya gets a call from the person in whose shop, Zoya has given a photo for framing. She gives him address of her house to send it. Zoya asks him to be careful to bring it as it is their wedding photo. Aditya enters the room and hides something. The person assures Zoya not to worry as he will bring the photo carefully and calls her Mrs. Hooda. Zoya likes when he calls her Mrs. Hooda. Aditya asks him to remove a photo frame. Aditya tells her that she can do anything as it is her room. Zoya tries to take out the frame but she falls down on the bed. Aditya handles her. There is a romantic sequence between the two. Zoya is talking to Aditya while his father comes in the room. Aditya notices him and smiles. His father feels awkward. Aditya is enjoying it. His father says to Zoya that Aditya is not able to say anything after seeing his father entering in the room. Zoya gets very awkward and gets up quickly. Mr. Hooda apologises to enter without knocking the door but Aditya says that it was their mistake that they kept the door open. The doorbell rings. Zoya is about to see who is on the door but Aditya stops her saying that he will open the door. His father asks him to give the answer of Zoya’s question. Aditya smiles and goes to open the door. Mr. Hooda gifts Zoya a new saree. Zoya loves the colour of the saree. She assures him that she will wear it in the evening for the function itself. The person delivers the photo frame. Aditya opens it. He sees that it is the photo of their wedding. He thinks that Arjun might have gifted him. He shows the photo Arjun and thanks him. But Arjun is not able to understand why he is thanking him. Aditya asks him not to react as if he doesn’t know what it is. Aditya says that he is proud of him. Arjun reminds him that he was not invited at Aditya’s wedding so he has not captured that picture. Aditya then thinks that his father might have gifted him. He says thank you to his father for the photo frame. Mr. Hooda also likes the frame. But he tells Aditya that he has not gifted him that frame as no wedding party, no gift. Arjun also agrees with him and they ask Aditya to thank the person who has sent that gift to him. They leave from there. Aditya comes in the bedroom. He tells Zoya that he has a surprise for her. He shows her the frame. He feels that he is looking more handsome in the photo than her. Zoya also appreciates that she is lucky that she got husband like him. Zoya asks him whether he liked the photo. Aditya also tells her that he liked the photo and according to him Ishita must have sent him that gift. Zoya gets angry with him. She asks him to call Ishita and say ‘thanks’ to her. Aditya notices that Zoya is angry. He asks her whether she has got framed it. He asks her why she didn’t tell him. Zoya says that she wanted to give him surprise. But he also has a surprise for her. He gives her a photo along with their seven promises they did to each other in the marriage. Zoya is very happy to see that. Aditya tells her that he wants to fulfil every promise so he wants that frame to be in the bedroom itself. Zoya also agrees with him. Zoya likes it very much. Aditya hangs the painting on the wall which was gifted by Zoya. Aditya pretends that he is falling down on the bed but Zoya doesn’t support him with hands as she knows that he is doing drama. Aditya tells her that he got hurt on the back side of the head. Zoya gets the first aid box when she notices the photo of Aditya with his ex. She gets disturbed. She tells him that she will get some ice for his injury. But Aditya holds her hand and says to her that if she would not have been there then he would have got hurt physically and mentally. He apologises to her as he should forget his past but still photo of Aditya and Pooja was still lying in the drawer. But Zoya asks him not to be sorry as Pooja was his first wife and she had a right on that room. But Aditya says that Zoya has right on him, his room and his house. Zoya smiles at him.

In the next scene, Noor is standing outside the Hooda house with a suitcase. Arjun comes there. Noor hand overs the suitcase to him asking him to give it to Zoya as the suitcase contains her clothes. Arjun tries to make her understand that he was trying to call her and explain her but Noor is not ready to listen to him. Arjun asks her to punish him if she is angry with him. But Noor says to him that there is no relation between them. But Arjun explains her that the condition of Aditya’s car was so bad and that is why he was worried about his brother. But Noor tells him that if she would have been in his place, she would have not taken the decision to get his parents arrested for that. She leaves from there. Arjun asks her to meet his sister Zoya once. But Noor asks him to tell Zoya that she is no more her ‘Appi’. She leaves from there. Arjun hands over the suitcase to Zoya and tells her that Noor didn’t wait to meet her. Zoya says that Noor is upset with her and since childhood Noor is like that. She feels bad as because of her, Arjun and Noor got separated. But Arjun feels that it is his mistake but Aditya and Zoya love each other and they have right to be happy. But Zoya says to him that he also has a right to be happy and she assures him that his love will be back in his life. Arjun appreciates her for being more than a sister in law. Zoya also says that he is like a younger brother for her.

In the next scene, Aditya comes from outside. He notices Zoya is wearing a very beautiful saree. He compliments her. Zoya asks him to let her get ready. He fills sindoor in the middle portion of her head. He feels that she looks like a newlywed bride. Aditya goes to have a bath later on. Zoya gets ready for the function. The servant brings juice in their room. Zoya again gets a message saying that she is doing lot of preparation for the function. The person also sents her the live video recording of her father in law. Zoya is tensed to know that someone is keeping watch on their family. The person asks her to drink the juice kept there. She again gets a message asking her to drink the juice else her father in law will be in danger. Zoya drinks the juice due to the threat. She is very much scared. Aditya gets ready and asks her whether she is ready. He notices that Zoya is bit tensed. He tells her that his friend is coming to meet him so she can also join him and she don’t need to do all the introduction formalities. But Zoya tells him that she is doing it for him. Aditya says that he is going to meet his friend as he cannot be there as it is a ladies function. He further informs her that he is going nearby so will be back in an hour or so. He leaves from there. She gets another message reminding her about the promises she did to Aditya. Zoya is very much scared to see all those messages.

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