Behind the scenes of TomTom with ‘Vanderpump’ stars Tom and Tom

The big reveal of TomTom is finally here on Monday night’s “Vanderpump Rules” episode, and Page Six got an exclusive tour with the men behind the bar.

Tom Schwartz and Tom Sandoval showed us around their West Hollywood restaurant with Lisa Vanderpump and stopped to point out all of their favorite details.

Schwartz pointed out that their garden bar was a parking lot before Vanderpump developed the restaurant, while Sandoval revealed that there’s a chandelier in the main bar that can magnify any photos they put inside.

“We get tons of people from Australia, from Saudi Arabia, like all over the world, every single night, they literally come here,” Sandoval told us. “They’re like, ‘We’re going to the US. We’re going to stop by LA, and if we’re going to LA, we’re going to go to the Griffith Observatory, Runyon Canyon and SUR and TomTom.’”

“Every single night I come in, and I’m not exaggerating, I’ve talked to people who are like, ‘We got off the plane and we came straight here. We went to our hotel and this was our first stop,’” Schwartz added.

“I have a lot of pride in this place,” Sandoval chimed in. “I want to represent it properly by being here and showing up.”

“We just got our foot in the door,” Schwartz said. “So we’re excited. We’ve got a lot of vigor and we’re ready to rock and roll!”

The restaurant opened this fall.

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