BBC’s Rachel Burden gives unseen perspective as she ‘snoops’ around new studio

BBC Breakfast: Mike Bushell jumps off the sofa

BBC 5 Live presenter Rachel Burden has shared a candid snap from the BBC Breakfast show’s new home as she stood on the edge of the second floor.

The 48-year-old gave fans an entirely new perspective on her workplace with seemingly endless rows of desks surrounding the red-walled studio where Jon Kay and Sally Nugent could be seen in front of the cameras.

She wrote on Twitter: “A whole new shiny set for BBC Breakfast which means I can snoop on them while I make a cup of tea.

“Good luck to the team who’ve worked so hard to get this up and running.”

A fan in the comments cheered the presenter on, adding: “Nothing like a good snoop.”

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However, the new set-up for the breakfast show has sparked widespread criticism from viewers following its debut this morning.

One took out their frustrations on Rachel, tweeting: “Do not like the new set too much distraction for first thing in the morning.” (sic) 

Elsewhere on Twitter, one viewer declared the new set was “shocking” and questioned: “Why change something that worked even the presenters look uncomfortable bring back the old sofa.” (sic) 

Another declared that they were switching to Sky News for their morning news while a third fumed: “OMG what is going on at BBC Breakfast? Have you gone tabloid? The bright colours! Orange and blue! Presenters standing up! Raised platforms! I thought I was watching Good Morning Britain. WHY? What bright spark thought this one up? Not a positive step.” (sic) 

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A few viewers, and all of the presenters working in the studio this morning, have praised the new set-up, with many noting the new and improved graphics with one saying on Twitter that it all seemed “so much more effective”.

The makeover has completely revamped the BBC Breakfast set-up that fans have grown accustomed to over the past decade.

The new studio features three additional cameras, high-tech graphics and a refreshed red couch along with more space for the morning presenters to stand and walk around during their segments.

One major change saw weather presenter Carol Kirkwood in the same shot as Jon and Sally, rather than having to film away from her co-stars.

The 61-year-old gushed during the show: “I’m used to being in a broom cupboard to do the weather in the morning.

“So it’s so nice to be able to walk over and walk back, it’s a whole new world for me.”

The new studio will now serve as the broadcasting location for the Sportsday programme as well as the live bulletins on BBC One and BBC News.

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