Bachelor In Paradise Star Says She Was Punched In The Face 'For Walking Slow'?!

A popular star with a history on Bachelor in Paradise is living out the aftermath of a scary incident Down Under.

Jessica Brody, who first starred on the Australian version of The Bachelor during Matt Agnew‘s season in 2019, was at a supermarket in Melbourne on Wednesday when something awful happened. As the 32-year-old recounted in a video posted to her Instagram Stories later that day, she had been buying milk when a man she’d never seen before suddenly pushed past her and PUNCHED HER IN THE FACE! WTF?!?!

The tattoo artist explained in the video that the man was allegedly “obviously stealing” from the supermarket. So, she said, he must have gotten frustrated when she walked in front of him while he was trying to make a quick escape. While wearing a filter over her face in the IG Stories clip, Jessica recalled what happened in the grocery store:

“He was obviously stealing. I could tell he was right behind me. He could have just walked around but instead he pushed past me and then clocked me in the face for walking slow.”

Clearly frustrated by the incident, she stated she would have bought the man whatever he wanted if he was really so hard up for the food. But he chose to punch her in his escape instead?! Insane!!!

The reality TV personality stated the punch left her in a great deal of pain, too:

“It really f**king hurts. So if anyone around Southern Cross station sees a man with tribal head and face tattoos — that dude just punched me in the head.”

Oh no!

As you can see (below), the star had a commendable sense of humor while explaining the aftermath of the ordeal, complete with a Shrek reference. She also called the man’s alleged actions “weirdo behaviour” in a post:

Unfortunately, there was one casualty on the day: her AirPods!

The tattoo artist mourned the loss of one of her earpieces which “didn’t survive the punch,” as she explained:

Ugh. That sucks!!

Later on Wednesday, the Aussie native fielded questions about the incident. She explained how the people around her at the supermarket apparently didn’t do much as far as helping after she got punched. The reality TV star also admitted she’s concerned about the effect the punch may have on her Botox facial treatments:

Hours later, she published a capper on the alleged assault.

In a more expansive post, Brody revealed she called the police to report it. There were security cameras in the store, too. She wrote about how she was conflicted about reporting the incident, too:

“I called the police and they have cctv where it happened. I’ll have to go to the station to report it because it’s assault. I’m unsure if I want to report it because I feel that the man must be in a dark place to be stealing from a supermarket and randomly hitting women. I don’t want to contribute to his suffering. Although I also don’t want him to do it to other, potentially more vulnerable people. I am sad for him and I’m grateful I wasn’t injured badly. Better me than someone else. Anyway, end of that for now.”


Such an unfortunate situation all around. Reactions, Perezcious readers??

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