‘Bachelor’ Colton Underwood on going to therapy

Colton Underwood values his mental health.

Speaking recently to TV Insider, this season’s “Bachelor” revealed he consulted with a therapist while filming the ABC reality dating series.

“They actually provide a therapist on the show, so any time I wanted to meet with my therapist I could, which was nice,” Underwood, 27, shared.

“I’m a big advocate for mental health. I think just as much as I want to work out and work on my physical appearance, I think it’s really important to exercise your brain as well too,” he continued.

Underwood, who is down to the final three contestants on “The Bachelor,” also spoke about how grateful he is to have a “safe space” when the cameras stop rolling.

“I can’t say enough good things about how they provide that opportunity for me to have that space and to have that security with no microphones and cameras, so that when I do need to go vent, or be alone, or talk through things with somebody,” he explained.

Following the release of the interview, Underwood also took to Twitter to further explain his stance on mental health.

“On a serious note, I see a therapist regularly. This doesn’t make me crazy or delusional… it actually makes me sane. Mental health is HEALTH,” he tweeted.

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