ASK AJIT: How to get 20% return on shares?

‘I intend to invest about Rs 15 lakhs for six months.’

Ajit Mishra, vice president, Research, Religare Broking, answers your queries:

Anil Mahajan: I have the following shares; please give your advice whether to sell or hold.

Ajit Mishra:


Anand Prakash: I am a retired man. I want to invest in the following stocks — Lupin, Stride Pharma, Alemic Pharmaceuticals, Tide Water Oil, Sumitomo Chemical, Clariant Specialty Chemicals. Please advise.

Ajit Mishra: Except Tide Water, hold the other stocks. Also, you can look at more bluechip stocks to add to your portfolio.


Gireesh Hiremath: I am from Hubli, Karnataka. I have started investing in equity shares from June 1, 2021.

I have a few queries on some of the shares recently bought by me (CNC Orders: Equity Holdings).

Currently, these shares are under loss.

Is there any worrying sign as I have invested more than Rs 1 lakh in these shares? Or is it just a matter of time and these share prices will rise in the near future?

Ajit Mishra:


Anurag Arora: Please give your view on the following for a one year horizon.

Ajit Mishra:


Kiran Patil: I have following shares in my portfolio. Please advise.

Ajit Mishra:


Salim Rajan: I have the following shares. Please suggest for the long term whether to hold or sell/buy:

Ajit Mishra:


Ramdas K P: Please let me know whether to hold or exit VGuard. Bought @ Rs 249.

Ajit Mishra: Hold.


Asheesh Sudan: Needed views on a few stocks I hold which are running into losses like IDFC First @ Rs 52, Yes Bank @ Rs 59 (including lock-in part) and Coal India @ Rs 145.

Have seen your advice to exit Yes Bank and Coal India scrips, but is it wise to exit on losses?

Are these total gone cases with no scope of revival in 4-5 years as well?

Other scrips I have are performing well like Axis, Infosys and L&T, which I plan to hold. Any advice on them? Should I book profit?

Ajit Mishra: For Yes Bank and Coal India, it would be prudent to exit.

Hold Axis, Infosys and L&T.


Rajiv Angra: I have the following stocks, please advise.

Ajit Mishra:


Raj Kumar Bhatia: I have following holdings and request your advice.

Ajit Mishra:

I also intend to invest about Rs 15 lakhs for six months.

Request your suggestion for a 20 per cent return.

Ajit Mishra: Hold these stocks for long-term and also look to add some bluechip names.


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