Antoni Porowski on Third-Wheeling With Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson: “She’s Charming AF"

The Queer Eye guys are back! Karamo, Antoni, Tan, and Jonathan (sadly, Bobby wasn’t able to join as he’s working in China) stopped by Jimmy Kimmel Live on Monday to chat about the new season of the Netflix show. As well as discussing the infamous squirrel debate, they also chatted about some awkward moments outside of the show.

It didn’t take long for Jimmy to ask Antoni about the moment he caused a bit of a stir when he was photographed sitting at a hockey match as Kate Beckinsale and Pete Davidson made out next to him. He explained the reason he actually looked so distressed was because there were “two hockey players going at it, basically beating the hell out of each other, and I was genuinely concerned.” He went on to say that Kate was “very funny, witty, and charming AF.” While we’re still not over Antoni’s face in that picture, Jonathan and Tan were far more interested in who the buff-looking man in the background of the photo was. Watch the full video for more fabulous moments from the Queer Eye guys.

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