Ant and Dec are ‘yearning’ for each other and ‘suffering enormous loss’

Ant McPartlin and Declan Donnelly are spending much less time together as they’ve stopped working as a duo.

Dec will soon get to work on this year’s I’m A Celebrity while Ant continues his recovery from alcohol addiction.

Both men have been spotted out and about this week – and obligingly posed for photos with fans.

Dec was seen in Harrods – noticeably allowing taking up his usual place on the right – while Ant posed with a fan in Wimbledon on the left.

But body language expert Judi James reveals the signs both Ant and Dec are missing each other terribly…

"Although the focus has been on Ant’s behaviour and body language as he struggles his way back to full form it’s obvious from these poses that both Ant and Dec could be suffering enormous loss without their stage partner alongside.

When a marriage breaks up both partners will often heal quickly in terms of their body language, enjoying the freedom to emerge as individuals with their own set of gestures and behaviour.

When a strongly-bonded performing double act who are also great friends like Ant and Dec have to work apart though, the loss to both can be dramatic.

These two men seem to be clinging to their signature body language traits as a duo, but without their normal sidekick alongside to create the whole and validate the look they both appear to be struggling.

Ant and Dec are a joke that only really works perfectly when they’re performing together.

In both these shots the guys still try for the boyish, naughty look but without the complimentary response it all appears very incongruent.

Ant’s pose is an attempt to do his normal fun, boyish look, but the eye expression is at odds with the smile, which in turn looks over-performed.

His brows are arched to suggest humour and there is some crinkling at the corner of each eye, but his large, expressive eyes are a giveaway in terms of possible sadness behind the grin.

His mouth is stretched to round the cheeks and bare the teeth but the top lip shows signs of tension that could suggest some effort.

Dec’s pose appears more confident and the hand in the pocket is an attempt to look casual, but his boyish beam lacks the kind of octane that it had when he was with Ant.

This looks like a polite smile for the camera and although his features are less rigid that Ant’s, his lips do look tense and his eye expression lacks the gleam of genuine fun.

Both men are retaining their normal stage poses and body language even though they’re posing apart, which suggests a genuine yearning for the time in the future when they are working together again.

There’s no sign of the kind of change that might signal either of them wants to prove themselves as a solo star, just a rather sad-looking attempt to retain the status quo for the time they are waiting.

Without one another their body language looks like a jigsaw with many bits missing.

The grins are still in place but the edgy, naughty nuances when they bounced off one another has clearly gone."

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