[All videos] Ranveer Singh breaks into a table-top dance as Deepika Padukone looks on at his sister's birthday

Yesterday, we shared with you pictures of Deepika Padukone and Ranveer Singh outside a Juhu eatery, all set to celebrate the actor’s sister Ritika’s birthday. They looked quite somber but ones inside, they got their fun mode on. A video is doing the rounds of the internet of the couple standing next to each other cheering. While Ranveer is singing the customary birthday song in a deep voice (It’s Ranveer… he can’t sing in his usual voice…where’s the fun in that?!), Deepika can be seen singing along. Initially, she does instruct him something and then plays along! Check out the video right here… (Also read: Ranveer Singh-Deepika Padukone inseparable as they return after their US vacay – view pics)

‪-‬ Ranveer Singh with #DeepikaPadukone , His mother and Sister Ritika at her birthday party , last night ? – Mama Anju is so adorable ???? ➖ رُصِد رانفير سينغ و ديبيكا بادكون مع والدته وأخته بحفلة بعيدميلاد ريتيكا شقيقة رانفير ، بالامس ? . احببببب احببببب احببببب امههههههه!!!!! اعشقها???? تسمعونه واهو يغني ؟???? ___________________ ‏‎‏#RanveerSingh ‏‎#رانفير_سينغ

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‪-‬ Ranveer Singh and #DeepikaPadukone snapped post celebrating Ranveer’s Sister Ritika Bday , last night ? . Did you spot them dancing at the Back??? ➖ رُصِد رانفير سينغ و ديبيكا بادكون بحفلة بعيدميلاد ريتيكا شقيقة رانفير ، بالامس ? . ياحلوووهم شفتوهم يرقصون ورا؟?? ___________________ ‏‎‏#RanveerSingh ‏‎#رانفير_سينغ

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Ranveer and Deepika were color-coordinated for the evening. Deepika was seen in a white shirt with hoops and Lennon sunglasses while Ranveer wore a white T-shirt and matching track pants. Funnily, both of them left the venue in their respective cars. We are still trying to figure out why that happened. Anyway, this video is proof that they had lot of fun at the do. These two are expected to get married by the end of this year in a secret wedding in Italy.

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