Alice Evans wants full legal & physical custody of her kids with Ioan Gruffudd

About 13 months ago, Ioan Gruffudd left Alice Evans. I believe he had been telling her for nearly a year before then that he wasn’t happy, that they should separate, that their marriage was over. Still, Alice acted as if her husband’s unhappiness was brand new information, or worse yet, she didn’t even care about his unhappiness because she was so focused on creating a giant, public soap opera and casting herself as the wife who was abandoned, and then later, the wronged wife. For 13 months, she publicly badgered Ioan, she lied about him, she harassed him online, and a lot worse. That entire time, she also believed that by throwing such a huge melodrama publicly, she would somehow convince Ioan to come back to her? Like, she really thought that he would. Maybe it took Ioan filing for a domestic abuse restraining order against her to wake her up to the reality of the situation. Now Alice is seeking full custody of their two children.

Alice Evans is seeking custody of her two children, 12-year-old Ella and 8-year-old Elsie, after her estranged husband Ioan Gruffudd filed for a restraining order against her on Tuesday. In court documents obtained by PEOPLE, Evans, 53, is asking for both legal and physical custody of the couple’s children, while asking that child visitation rights be granted to Gruffudd, 48.

Additionally, the court documents state that Evans is citing irreconcilable differences in the dissolution of their marriage, and is asking for spousal support, termination of the court’s ability to award spousal support to Gruffudd, and for her attorney fees to be paid by her estranged husband. Evans also wants the court to determine the rights to their shared home in Los Angeles.

Evans’ response was filed on Feb. 15 — in which she denied the domestic violence accusations made against her — the same day Gruffudd’s restraining order against her was filed. PEOPLE has reached out to attorneys for Gruffudd and Evans for additional comment.

On Tuesday, Gruffudd filed a petition for a domestic violence restraining order against his estranged wife that requires her to stay at least 100 yards away from him and his girlfriend, Bianca Wallace, as well as not be allowed to contact them, according to documents obtained by PEOPLE. A court hearing is scheduled for March 11 on Gruffudd’s request for a restraining order.

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I’m honestly surprised that she hasn’t asked for all of this before? I think this is happening now because this is a different and new phase of their divorce. Alice spoke about the attempt to have a “collaborative divorce” last year, which meant cooperation and negotiations out of court, with a mediator in the room and their lawyers. Alice also spoke about how she and Ioan were using the Our Family Wizard app to schedule things, like video-calls with the kids. Alice hated all of that – she called collaborative divorce a “scam” (it was not dramatic enough for her tastes) and she used the Our Family Wizard app to cyber-harass Ioan and crash into his time with their kids. As I said last week, before all of this is over, Ioan is probably going to request sole custody of their daughters.

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