‘AGT’ Live Blog: Contestants Have One Last Chance To Impress In Final Judge Cuts

Let the games begin! Chris Hardwick joins the team this week for another round of judge cuts, and the stakes get higher. Find out which acts get axed, and who makes it, by following along with our live blog!

America’s Got Talent guest judge Chris Hardwick starts off the night by reminding the judges that he used his golden buzzer last season on Angelica Hale, who wound up being the runner-up! He’s determined that his pick will win the whole competition this time! Up first? Electric violinist Brian King Joseph, who’s looking fresh in all white, including that violin. He absolutely shreds on that damn violin — the whole audience is out of their seats rocking out! He’s brought his girlfriend, Kimmy, along and the look of pure love she gives him while watching his performance is so beautiful. Brian reveals that he suffers from a painful neuropathy that means he can’t move his hands for hours at a time. But he fights through the pain and delivers. The judges love it, and him.

Yumbo Dump is back, much to the delight of Chris and horror of Mel B. They’re, of course, the Japanese duo that makes sounds with their bodies. And they’ve been training hard. They explained that they’ve been eating constantly so their bellies get bigger. You know, so they can make more hilarious sounds. And you know what? It totally works. It’s kind of nasty, but you can’t look away! Who knew that you can mimic the sound of a whale giving birth with just a belly and a balloon? Mel gives them the buzzer, unfortunately.

Dance crew Academy of Villains is not, as I believed, comprised entirely of Juggalos. The dancers, dressed like mimes, are determined to be the first dance crew to ever win America’s Got Talent. That’s…not going to happen. Simon Cowell gives them the buzzer almost immediately after they start because he doesn’t think he’ll remember their audition in 10 minutes. Damn! Another group, Da Republik follows, but they fare better. It’s easy to see why! Their performance combines hip hop moves and acrobatics, and it’s fun as hell. Simon loves them! He says that AGT needs more acts like them. 

Adorable 13-year-old singer Berlin is back, giant glasses and all. The episode cuts her short, but she sings a beautiful song behind the piano. If only we can see more! Speaking of talented teens…father/daughter acrobatic duo Sergey and Sasha takes Simon’s advice from last time a little too literally and makes things doubly dangerous. It’s INSANE. At one point, Sergey hoists Sasha up to do a headstand ON HIS HEAD, walks across the stage like that, climbs stairs, walks across a balance beam, and walks down stairs. Nope, he doesn’t drop her!

Flau’jae is a 14-year-old rapper with a message. She tells the audience that her father was murdered two days before he was to sign a contract with Universal Records to be a rapper. Her mother was pregnant with her at the time. It puts context to Flau’jae’s songs about gun violence. She does another original this time called “I Can’t Lose”, which she says is about her life. She gets a standing ovation from the entire theater. Wow wow wow. And you know what? She gets Chris’ golden buzzer!!!!! That means she’s going straight to the live rounds. She’s incredible!

It’s hard to follow that, but someone has to. That someone is Elijah Holt, who does a trampoline routine with his blowup zebra, Tyler. It sounds silly, sure, but he’s a boss. Honestly the best part of this is hearing Simon and Mel pronounce it “zeh-bra.” Quick changers Sixto and Lucia puzzle and stun the audience with their act. They go through 11 different outfits, even changing in an instant through confetti and smoke. The judges love it, but what they really want to see is the former couple get back together!

Glennis Grace almost didn’t come back, but her son convinced her she needed to do this. And it’s a good thing he did! The spectacular singer does a striking rendition of “Nothing Compares 2 U” and knocks it out of the park.

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