‘After mumma passed away, he became my mumma too’

We’d asked YOU to share your Favourite Daddy Memory and tell us why he is special.

M Sahana from Bengaluru tells us why her father S Muthu Kumar is the hero of her life:

My father named me Sahana after watching Rail Snegam, a Tamil drama.

When he got to know the meaning of the word he liked it more. It is a Carnatic raaga sung when you are extremely happy.

My name matches my personality because I am extremely happy when you are with me Daddy.

Once I got nervous and was stressed before an exam. My father said to me, “It doesn’t matter even if you fail in the exam or anything in life. What matters to me is how you bounce back”.

His words always resonate in my heart.

My father is the hero of my life.

He has always given me the wings to fly. He sent me on a school trip to Europe to make me see more of the world and to develop myself.

My father is a hardworking man. He is strong, bold and confident and has a lot of passion for his work. I always look up to him.

He is loving, warm, sweet and caring. Sometimes we eat ice-cream secretly without telling my mom.

We have a lot of fun together. I like listening to my dad’s generation of Tamil songs while traveling in the car.

I love you Daddy.

Thank you Rediff for giving me an opportunity to write about my most lovable and adorable dad, Muthu.

Harshita Parashar from Ghaziabad shared two photographs with her father Ved Prakash along with a sweet message:

He held me in his arms when I was a kid.

After my mumma passed away, when he held me in his heart forever, he became my mumma too.

He is always there for me 24*7.

Love you Papa.

Eren Richard, 12, adores her father Mathew Richard a lot. She says:

My father and I have been through many things when I was a little girl.

I always said that my father is the best and I couldn’t stay away from him.

We love to play together and he never left my side no matter what happened.

One day I went to visit my bua for fifteen days. Because of Covid I was there for 7 months.

There, I’d lay down on the bunker bed and suddenly start crying thinking of him.

When I spoke to him over video call sometimes it was a bit emotional.

I also had a hairline fracture in my leg. My father had tears in his eyes, but he couldn’t reach due to Covid restrictions.

When the travel restrictions were lifted, he came to Bangalore to take me home.

When we met each other after seven months, we hugged, got emotional and started crying.

We reached home in Delhi and I met everyone.

After some time I realised my father had lost his job during Covid.

Yet he always showed me the bright side. No matter how sad he was from within he always supported me.

I also supported him. After some time, he got his job back as well.

The one thing I learned from him is to always stay strong and never give up until it’s over.

  • To Dad, With Love

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