Afghans Swarm U.S. Planes in Attempt to Flee, Several Fall to Death

Afghans desperate to escape their country on the coattails of American diplomats fleeing themselves stopped at nothing to get onto planes … including, in some cases, fatal plunges from the sky.

Wild footage has surfaced at the Kabul airport, where thousands of Afghans were trying to force their way onto U.S. military aircraft — officials were prioritizing U.S. officials/allies.

That wasn’t deterring folks from attempting to book it out of there … as you see, hundreds of people literally climbing airstairs in what appears to be a last-ditch effort to get onto one of these jumbo cargo planes, which were already full.

Even as some of these planes began taxiing for takeoff … a swarm of Afghans were chasing it and impeding their path, with some even clinging to the side of the aircraft.

American soldiers on the ground fired warning shots in the air in an attempt to clear the area around the plane, but somehow, five Afghans on the ground ended up dead. This in addition to 3 stowaways who fell from up above.

Check out this video of someone who was apparently clinging to the plane and lost their grip, plunging to the earth below.

Meanwhile in the city, the Taliban had fully overtaken the Capital … as well as the rest of the country. The Afghan President is gone, and so is any real trace of Afghan resistance.

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