Abbey Clancy recalls ‘difficult’ pregnancy as she suffered hair loss, acne and rash

Model and TV star Abbey Clancy has opened up about several health battles she was forced to endure during her pregnancies.

The mum-of-three, 37, who shares Sophia, 11, Liberty, five, Jonny, three, and Jack, one, with former football star Peter Crouch, 41, spoke on the couple's joint podcast Therapy Crouch! today to open up on her bouts of bad health.

"You know I had so many problems in my pregnancy? I was literally ill for nine months," Abbey tells her listeners. "My hair was falling out – like ridiculous. I had acne. Do you remember that rash I had like all over my whole body? Literally like a tin of beans."

"Takes it's toll, doesn't it?" Peter jibes. "It's like a natural thing so you think, oh, you know every woman should. It's hard. Oh, my god, it's hard."

Abbey agrees: "It's so hard, and you know when you can't control your hormones – a thing that Pete thought I made up, by the way."

"Yeah, but there's not being able to control your hormones and then there's like whatever you were," he laughs.

"You can't control it!" Abbey hits back.

"Come on, though, like seriously," Peter jokes. "You know when she had the baby, every single one of them, I mean, it was hard for both of us. And then when the baby comes out, it felt like The Green Mile."

He continues: "You know when he breathes out and all the badness goes away? It was literally like that! Then she was just Ab again and I was like, god, I love you."

Last week's instament of the couple's popular podcast saw Abbey reveal she had never bought a drink before her first date with her now-husband.

The pair first started dating in 2005 after meeting at a birthday party in Liverpool in the bar underneath the restaurant where Abbey was working as a waitress.

Their first date saw the couple head to an “old man’s pub” as Peter, who was then playing for Liverpool and England, wanted to go somewhere low-key and avoid being recognised.

Peter bought their first drink and Abbey purchased the second, but having never bought a drink before she says she was “scared” that the £7 in her pocket wouldn’t be enough for two.

"I think you had a bit of an ulterior motive because when we got into the pub," Abbey teases. "Pete was like: ‘That is my bedroom window there.’

"I was thinking: ‘Hang on a minute, does he think he is going to get me p****d and take me back to his flat?

"Because that is not happening whatsoever.’"

Peter, who ended his football career at Burnley FC, said: "It was not a great first date.

"But at the time I was playing for Liverpool and just got in the England squad so everything for me had to be low-key.

"I had to find a girl that I loved but I didn’t want to take you straight into something mad. I wanted to go where no one could see us and find out if we got on."


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