5 Seconds Of Summer Team Up With The Chainsmokers For Epic ‘Who Do You Love’ Collab

It’s a party! 5 Seconds of summer just made the song of your dreams with The Chainsmokers. Listen to the new track here!

What do you get when two of the biggest pop rock groups in music hit the studio together? An epic collab between 5 Seconds Of Summer and The Chainsmokers! The two groups teamed up for a new song, “Who Do You Love”, and fans are already flipping for the catchy track. The song was released on the morning of Feb. 7, and immediately elicited a flurry of excited reactions from fans of both artists. “

The 5SOS boys are on a roll so far this year, and their new track with the DJ duo, comes on the heels of their new video for “Lie To Me.” The powerful track received a equally as hard-hitting visual, and it’s a must-watch! In the music video, lead vocalist Luke Hemmings sings inside and on-top of a worn out racecar that, has its own dents. Eventually, the car he’s in gets hit by two other cars, and finally, bursts into flames. If this is not a metaphor for every breakup we’ve ever gone through, we don’t know what is!

Meanwhile, The Chainsmokers have beens staying plenty busy, and even have been cooking up some tunes with none other than famed punk rockers, Blink 182. Alex Pall and Andrew Taggart have been teasing a collab with the band. “Just did a session with blink182 and wrote an amazing song,” the duo tweeted. “We can die happy now,” they wrote on Twitter, on Jan. 16. Keep em’ coming, guys!

Listen to The Chainsmokers new collab with the guys from 5SOS above!  We don’t know about you, but we are L-I-V-I-N-G for this song!

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