14 Stars Going Topless In Bikini Bottoms: Bella Hadid & More

Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and more hot celebs have showed off their amazing bodies while going topless and wearing nothing but bikini bottoms. We have some of our favorites right here!

Bella Hadid, Kendall Jenner and more hot stars are not afraid of showing off their incredible bodies! From pics at the beach to pics on boats, these ladies love going topless while wearing bikini bottoms and it’s always truly a sight to see! Whether it’s because they want to forgo those dreaded tan lines or just let themselves free, going topless seems to be one of the biggest trends in the summer sun and with pics like these, we can understand why!

Bella and Kendall took one of the best topless pics with their friends while jumping in the water at the beach. It was definitely a joyful vision and captured how much fun it can be to let loose! Emily Ratajkowski showed off her toned behind in a thong-style bikini botton while standing topless on a mountain. Chantel Jeffries sat topless on a boat while wearing black bikini bottoms while Rihanna followed suit when she posed topless on a boat.

Britney Spears looked out at the water when she was topless and wearing only white bikini bottoms and Chrissy Teigen went topless when she stretched out near the water in her bikini bottoms. Heidi Klum seemed as relaxed as could be when she set aside her bikini top and wore only her black and pink bottoms while Julianne Hough‘s back could be seen in her topless pic. All these eye-catching photos of all of these amazing women prove that body confidence and comfort can be completely attractive and fun! If you got it, why not flaunt it?!

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