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Prince Charles comes up with bizarre new technique for police in odd moment

Prince Charles came up with a strange way for the police to do their jobs, armed with the exact thing they need as a deterrant.

The Prince of Wales, who was the big topic in a documentary celebrating his 70th birthday, went up to Scotland where one of his main missions was to go and find one of his favourite delicacies.

As he entered a butcher’s shop, he found the object of his desire, and revealed how he thought it could act as a wonderful deterrant and aid coppers in the jobs.

Can you guess what it is? Nope?

Frozen black pudding.

He headed to the butcher’s in Scotland to :compliment them on the black pudding," before telling a hilarious anecdote.

Prince Charles said: "There’s an awful story, this poor butcher who got locked into his own coldroom, and there’s a button your press to get out and it had frozen up or something.

"He was getting more and more desperate, poor man, freezing to death, and nobody could hear him shouting and screaming and finally his eye fell on a black pudding which had come from the wonderful local butcher in Ballater, here in Scotland."

In the store, he continued: "It was wonerfully frozen, and he beat it a couple of times and got out."

He called it a "highly valuable object" before telling his companion: "Perhaps from now on the police ought to be armed with black puddings.

"Good god, they’re usng frozen black puddings, the swine!"

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The prince made the journey to the particular butcher’s shop, which is apparently where the story comes from, but he also wanted to go and see some delicious meat being produced, and had a word with the shop’s manager.

Charles was also seen with his wife, Camilla, in the royal train around Scotland, where he visited a local school and met schoolchildren on the platform.

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