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Hollyoaks star reveals radicalisation storyline has been ‘difficult’ to film

Hollyoaks star Rishi Nair has opened up on the “difficulty” filming the Channel 4 soap’s ongoing radicalisation storyline, involving the Maalik family and Ste Hay.

The Maaliks have fallen target to a right-wing group, which newcomer Jonny Baxter is a member of.

Jonny and group leader Stuart are continuing to groom Ste Hay, who has a personal vendetta against the family over his sister Tegan Lomax’s death, encouraging him to take on their extremist views.

Following a shocking episode this week, which saw an Asian character named Shahid Shirani beaten up by the group in a racially motivated attack, Sami Maalik actor Rishi has teased more to come for the hard-hitting plot.

Speaking exclusively to Mirror online, Rishi detailed how “difficult” it has been to film the storyline, as he hopes to do the plot “justice”.

He said: “It is difficult and I’ve never scrutinised a script so much. I wanna make sure I’m doing it right.

“When you’re dealing with such a delicate issue you wanna make sure for those watching and those who have maybe experienced it, that you’re doing right and doing it justice.

“You wanna make sure you’re showing it the way it happens in real life, and in that sense there’s been a bit more homework for this plot than that of normal scenes.

“It adds integrity to the set and everyone comes together and it’s a very different vibe, which has been an exciting thing to be a part of.”

Rishi added: “As things get worse for the family and when it gets really nasty, those are the scenes that will be challenging to film and will make you question, ‘how shall we approach this?’ you know?”

He also revealed things were set to escalate with the storyline, after Sami’s suspicions are confirmed following the shocking extremism episode.

Rishi said: “As time progresses we’ll see with Sami and Misbah, the kind of heads of the family, how far they are prepared to go to protect the family.”

He added: “It will get worse as time goes on and it’ll become about how the family react to that and whether they will deal with it in a calm manner, or if fire meets fire… we’ll have to see.”

Hollyoaks airs weeknights at 6:30pm on Channel 4, followed by the next episode at 7pm on E4.

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