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Godavari Accent Made Samantha Change Her Mind

Like we said already, popular dubbing artist and singer Chinmayi is brought back to lend voice for “Oh Baby” though originally the idea is to go with Samantha’s original voice like in Majili movie. After the trailer that featured Sam’s voice got negative feedback, it looks like the makers have changed their minds.

Heroine Samantha, however, stated that there is another reason that made them go for Chinmayi’s voice. “Actually I speak in thick Godavari accent inside the film Oh Baby. As my voice is quite pale, I can’t get the accent the flavour of the language right. So we have decided to go for Chinmayi, who has done a phenomenal job” the starlet said.

Definitely with actors like Lakshmi, Rajendra Prasad and Rao Ramesh around, Samantha’s flat voice laced with Tamil smell would have killed the excitement in the film. With Chinmayi being a singer, she will be uttering the words right though she too hails from Madras only.

Directed by Nandini Reddy, Oh baby is hitting cinemas on July 5th.

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