John Mellencamp won’t tell daughter Teddi his wedding plans

Not even Teddi Mellencamp knows when her rocker dad is tying the knot with Meg Ryan. “You think that they’re involving me in the planning?” Teddi smiled to Page Six when asked about John Mellencamp‘s wedding. “One, I’m on ‘Real Housewives.’ Two, I’m a loud mouth. Three, like they’ll probably tell me the day before, […]

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Why people should flee Delhi

Fleeing has been a long-standing part of Delhi tradition. Throughout its thousand-year history, the residents of Delhi have been massacred regularly, by Babur, Nadir Shah, and the British, to name a few. Not to mention Muhammad Bin Tughlaq. There has been a lot of fleeing, although most of them failed to run fast enough. As, […]