Trump calls Kashmir “a very complicated place”

US President Donald Trump who is being dragged into Jammu and Kashmir issue has said to the media that Jammu and Kashmir is a very complicated place. He further said that there is a lot to do with religion and expressing his views as both Pakistan and India have not gotten along well from a […]


Trump policy favors wealthier immigrants for green cards

Under the new rule, the financial well-being of immigrants who are in the United States legally on temporary visas will be more heavily scrutinized when they seek a green card. Written by Michael D. Shear and Eileen Sullivan The Trump administration will make it harder for legal immigrants who rely on government benefit programs, such […]


Donald Trump expands fast-track deportation authority across US

The Trump administration is expanding the authority of immigration officers to deport migrants without requiring them to appear before judges ahead of deportation. The Homeland Security Department said Monday that fast-track deportations will apply to anyone in the country illegally less than two years. Until now those deportations applied online to people caught crossing the […]


Donald Trump leaning on issue of race to win a second term in 2020

President Donald Trump has placed racial animus at the center of his reelection campaign, and even some of his critics believe it could deliver him a second term. Every successful modern presidential campaign has been built on the notion of addition, winning over voters beyond core supporters. But Trump has chosen division on the belief […]

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What goes into making a meme?

After #Pray_For_Naesamani trended worldwide, we speak to meme makers to understand the process, and why they are earning flirtatious glances from the Tamil film industry A few days ago, Twitter exploded with messages of concern pouring in for Contractor Naesamani, after he was injured in a freak accident. His offence? Not letting his labourer Krishnamurthy […]