Vishal Krishna: #MeToo started off with the best of intentions, but somewhere has been hijacked by some amount of self interest

Tamil film star Vishal Krishna, General Secretary of the South Indian Artistes Association and President of Tamil Film Producers Council, is working relentlessly with his peers to knock down the walls that separate sexual harassment in the different film industries in India. “Whether it is Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam or Kannada cinema, the workplace must be […]


#MeToo: Now for the long-term measures

The focus should be on increasing awareness, dialogue and accountability. Needed are policies to enable redressal procedures It has been a month since an uproar of “#MeToo” tags called out alleged instances of sexual harassment in the Indian performing arts fraternity. The responses have ranged from absolute shock and shudder from some, to further name […]


#MeToo: Google reforms sexual misconduct rules

Google bowed to one of the protesters’ main demands by dropping mandatory arbitration of all sexual misconduct cases Google is promising to be more forceful and open about its handling of sexual misconduct cases, a week after high-paid engineers and others walked out in protest over its male-dominated culture. CEO Sundar Pichai spelled out the […]


Jon Stewart skewers Trump during veterans’ benefit

Jon Stewart poked fun at the president’s high-profile anti-immigration push Monday night, greeting a roomful of soldiers at a veterans’ benefit saying, “I’m so glad you’re here — I thought you’d be at the border.” “There’s thousands of sharecroppers coming to America at 1 to 2 miles an hour,” he told the crowd at Stand […]


Britain’s #MeToo moment

Last month, Peter Hain, a former Minister in the governments of Tony Blair and Gordon Brown, stood up in the House of Lords to carry out what he believed was his duty in public interest — he named businessman Philip Green as the person at the heart of allegations around serious sexual harassment, racial abuse […]